FIIL Headphones Launch in North America

Posted on August 01 2017

FIIL Headphones Launch in North America

A team of today’s leading audio executives have joined together to officially launch the FIIL brand in North America, building on cutting-edge technology and innovation to introduce a new line of headphones. The FIIL leadership team has a long history of success in the consumer electronics and audio markets, growing brands for some of today’s top CE companies around the world.

Numerous headphone brands have attempted to cut through the noise in this saturated market, though very few have resonated in a meaningful way. The launch of FIIL in North America marks a new era of headphones that push the envelope on audio quality and technology and connect with your inner artist. Each FIIL headphone combines a refined look with a detailed design build—offering epic sound with some models featuring active noise cancellation, a wide frequency response, high-resolution audio quality, and touch control.

“We are very proud to introduce an audio brand that brings true and attainable innovation to a variety of consumers,” said Marcus Sanchez, Director of Marketing for FIIL. “Much like these consumers, our team is comprised of creative individuals with unique passions, talents, and strengths. FIIL’s line of headphones celebrates these differences, merging lifestyle and technology in a way that the audio space hasn’t seen before.”

“As a result, users no longer have to segment their headphone choices by design, mobility, tech features, or price. They can have it all,” added Brian Carskadon, President of FIIL. “The team has delivered solutions that incorporate elements of cultural and artistic expression without sacrificing quality.”

The brand’s full product range includes the FIIL IICON Over-Ear Headphones. Touting a supreme, sleek design and superior technology, these Bluetooth headphones showcase an unmatched professional balance sound and comfort. FIIL IICON also features active noise cancelling (ANC) capabilities as well as a built-in sensor for smart touch.

Offering variety in design, FIIL’s On-Ear Headphone collection includes the CANVIIS and CANVIIS Pro. With CANVIIS, users can customize their listening experience with FIIL’s patented My Audio Filter (MAF) technology, which offers smart noise adjustment to expand the noise cancellation experience. With the ability to cancel as much as 96% of low-frequency noise and adopt several listening modes, FIIL CANVIIS offers the ultimate in control. CANVIIS Pro further elevates the user’s listening experience by incorporating all of the CANVIIS’ features, with the addition of 3D Audio, storage for up to 1,000 songs, the ability to listen to many types of lossless audio files, and playback via an integrated HD audio player.

For active, on-the-go users, the FIIL line also includes an In-Ear Headphone design. The FIIL CARAT sport headphone is sweat, dust, and water-resistant and features a personalized fit with multiple ear hook styles and sizes. This model also counts listeners’ steps and is equipped with a Sport button that instantly delivers workout details, plus a smart magnetic clasp for power control and call management.

All products are available today on as well as select retailers nationwide. IICON is available in black for $349.99. CANVIIS is available in black and white for $249.99 while CANVIIS Pro comes in Black and Red for $349.99. CARAT comes in black or green for $149.99.

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About FIIL

FIIL was established to provide an audio solution for the creative consumer that has a passion for the arts, but is tired of the status quo. The brand was founded by headphone pioneers and music professionals, each with more than 20 years of experience in music, design, and consumer electronics. The FIIL team has built some of the most respected global headphone brands and felt they could continue to elevate consumers expectations.

FIIL challenged itself to design and engineer seamless products that not only sound impressive, but are comfortable and innovative with a modern design. The company’s mission is simple: be a company that listens to the artistic community and finds simple solutions to complex problems.

We are FIIL. The Art of Audio.


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